Raw Means Not Cooked

We’ve been on a health-food kick lately.  Like an organic-whole-food-packed-full-of-nutrition kick.  That’s the best kind, because it’s good for the body and the soul.  It brings so much joy to be able to take care of The Hubs and myself through our stomachs with food that tastes fresh and yummy, knowing it benefits so much more than our taste buds.  We are loving our fruits and vegetables and organic meats.

But you know what?  I’m a woman.  I’m a hormonal woman with cravings.  Sometimes fruits and vegetables just don’t do the job.  This means I need chocolate.  I NEED it.  And I need brownies.  Rich, fudgey, gooey brownies with frosting.

Praise our good God in Heaven!  I have found a nutritious AND delicious brownie recipe.

Enter the raw brownie.  One bite and this brownie made me audibly say, “O.M.G.”  My husband says that.  I don’t.  But raw brownies apparently make me speak in acronyms.  I know what you’re thinking:  An uncooked brownie?  This sounds like a disgusting vegan concoction that hippies live on.  Well, maybe hippies eat them, but so should everybody else because they are oh-my-gosh.

We were at an open house for Life Fitness Academy the other day.  LFA is a legit place to get your sweat on.  This gym is staffed by genuine folks who really desire to see people live full, healthy lives.  Well, they made our lives just a little richer by serving some scrumptious raw brownies.  I had no idea our lives were so empty until that chocolate morsel was introduced.  The recipe comes from foodloveswriting.com.  This is a really great food blog.  Her knowledgeable and personal writing style makes reading recipes so much more interesting.  Check it out.

Raw Brownies with Chocolate-Avocado Icing

The Brownie:

  • 1 cup pitted medjool dates
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until it resembles potting soil.  I used a blender.  This works but I had to constantly stop and push the mixture down.  If you have a processor, use it.  Line a 8×6 pan or a loaf pan with parchment paper and press the mixture into the pan.

The Icing:

  • 1/2-a whole avocado (I ended up using 3/4 of one)
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • a good dash of cinnamon
  • a small pinch of salt

Combine all in food processor; no need to wash between uses.  Mix until it’s smooth.  Spread over brownie layer.  Put in freezer for about 30 minutes.  Take them out and gently lift them from the pan using the parchment.  Cut them in desired portions.  We like them smaller so that we can snack on them.

These are best served chilled.  So pop them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them.  You can top them with leftover walnut pieces if you’ve got some.


2 thoughts on “Raw Means Not Cooked

  1. Hey! After seeing Andy’s Instagram photo of the raw brownies, I was excited you guys made them, but I didn’t know you have a food blog, too! So fun to find it today. : ) Maybe the four of us newlyweds should have a raw get-together sometime soon!

    • I’m really just launching my blog. It’s off to a slow start, but I’m hoping to dedicate a lot more of my time to it this year. And we would love a get-together. Sounds like fun! Congrats on being a newlywed–it’s the best isn’t it?!

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